Anthem |OT| Fly, you fools!


I don't understand this.... what are they trying to do? I thought I can come back and play the game again. Guess not.

Ok it might not be intentional but still. Still no QA it seems. What the hell?!

Any time they say "the team" I have to imagine it is like 3 dudes chained to desks trying to push out and then fix all this shit.


All of my purple loot is dropping at level 38. Is that normal? I've done all of the story missions I think except the one that includes "do 100 events". I also am at 3d+ played with zero legendary drops :(.

That’s there power lvl cap. Now you want masterwork and legendaries.
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While the loot portion is an absolute mess most of the rest of the patch looks pretty good. Unfortunately they're in that situation where instead of "It's the economy, stupid." it is "It's the loot, stupid." They need to get that somewhere good before they'll get credit for anything else.
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