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    Free 10 hour trial:   09th November (Xbox Only)
    EA Origin Premier:    09th November
    EA Access subscriber: 09th November
    Deluxe pre-orders:    15th November
    General Availability: 20th November

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Each War Story transports you to a different part of the war. The ones available at launch and directly after include the below.

Prologue: Take on an intense introduction to the world of Battlefield V.
Nordlys: Set in an occupied Norway that has not known peace since the war began, this story involves a young resistance fighter who learns of a dangerous scheme while rescuing one of her own. Her story centers on not only her fight for her country’s liberation from occupying forces, but her family’s survival.
Under No Flag: This is a story about grit, determination and second chances. You'll fight in the boots of Billy Bridger, a criminal pulled from a London jail for a chance of redemption alongside a Special Boat Section unit. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in perseverance.
Tirailleur: It’s high-intensity all-out infantry warfare, where Senegalese units of the French Colonial Forces fight to liberate the French “homeland” that they’ve never even seen before.
The Last Tiger (arriving December): In the twilight of WW2, the German Army descends into chaos. Under the command of a veteran officer, a lone Tiger tank crew begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.


Parachute on to the battlefield and spearhead an upcoming invasion.
Breakthrough: Battle to control vital sectors as an attacker or fortify and push the enemy back as a defender.
Conquest: Fight for key locations on the map with up to 64 players in a vast all-time Battlefield classic.
Domination: Encounter the enemy up close and personal during fast-paced, infantry-based combat in close quarters.
Final Stand: Struggle to the bitter end even if ammo and health are almost depleted — there can be only one team left standing.
Frontlines: Join one of two teams fighting an intense tug-of-war battle.
Team Deathmatch: Don't hesitate in fast-paced infantry warfare with a simple and deadly rule: kill or be killed.


Combined Arms is DICE’s new cooperative game mode for up to four players. Creative director Lars Gustavsson told the press earlier this week that the purpose of the mode is twofold. First, it’ll be a great way to onboard new players into the series’ squad-based approach to multiplayer gameplay. Second, it will provide challenging engagements for the most skilled players.

“Every now and then we do hear that, for new players, this can be an extremely daunting experience — almost overwhelming,” Gustavsson said. “To get in there, into that creative, all-out war sandbox can be challenging. Isn’t there something more focused, a bit more intimate, almost, yet social, that I can do within Battlefield that fits me and my friends?”

He went on to describe a scenario in which players work together to push forward toward a series of objectives. The final goal of each Combined Arms mission will be extremely difficult to achieve, but if players are unable to reach their goal, they’ll still need to get out alive, so each mission will give players the option to extract.

“The choice is yours, but think fast or you might all get wiped and you lose it all,” he said. “This experience is really what we want friends to have together, and in that, we have a new system called the mission generator. It creates dynamic objectives and narratives in order to constantly keep that cooperative experience feeling fresh and challenging.”


Battlefield 5 will introduce Grand Operations. These are 64-player, hourlong, multipart battles that will take place over a series of in-fiction days and can culminate with brutal, sudden-death last stand engagements.

Key to the game mode, and Battlefield 5 as a whole, will be the concept of attrition. Whenever a player spawns into the game in any mode, they will not have the full complement of ammunition and other supplies. They will need to make the tactical decision then and there to either press the attack and scratch out a few kills with limited resources, or immediately find a source from which to resupply. That could be an allied supply dump, an enemy corpse or an enemy installation of some kind.

But attrition will also apply to each day of the Grand Operation. If your side is victorious on day one, you will likely have more resources the next day — in the form of ammunition, vehicles and respawn tickets — than the opposition.

In Grand Operations, a fourth day can trigger if there’s a draw on day three. Day four will be sudden death — each player gets one life. If you aren’t revived by a member of your squad, or fully healed by a medic, you’re out.

With a new over-the-shoulder cinematic camera that allows players to see the action from their allies’ perspective, DICE wants players to be invested in the outcome and able to share in the fun from beginning to end.


Tying everything together will be Battlefield 5’s ongoing live service, Tides of War. When the game launches later this year, all of the modes will center around the early period of WWII and the fall of Europe. As the game ages, new battlefields and new fronts will open up for multiplayer modes. The goal, DICE said, is to tell the story of WWII over the entire lifespan of Battlefield 5. That means there will be entirely new Combined Arms assets to create missions from, and entirely new Grand Operations to play out.

Most importantly, DICE and publisher Electronic Arts are ending the Premium Pass. Every new map and new mode that is released for Battlefield 5 will be free for all owners.

The Company is your collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, which grow and change along that journey. Through every multiplayer mode your Company stands with you from the very start of your combat tour, ready for a fight.

With nearly every minute spent on the battlefield, you will earn new abilities and customization options that help calibrate your ability to maneuver, exploit, and turn the ever-changing battlefield in your favor. Each choice you make will impact your overall effectiveness on the front, and nearly every gameplay experience will demand a deeper level of strategy from your Company.

From each Chapter in Tides of War to every multiplayer mode, your time spent playing Battlefield V contributes to the growth of your Company. Soldiers, weapons, and vehicles can be unlocked and then advanced through deep feature customization, thanks to the five progression ranks: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle and Chapter.



The Assault class is the infantry backbone, always out front and excelling when it comes to close-quarter battles. This is the class usually found between the enemy and a capture point or kicking down doors to clear a blasted-out Fortification. Medium to long range weapons that require snap decision-making and shotguns are the Assault class' tools of the trade. They also know their way around explosives, a nitroglycerin thumb, so to speak.

The Support class keeps their squad moving at every turn. They close the gap between intense firefights by keeping teammates resupplied and excel at laying down sustained fire to wipe out enemies or cover squad members. Their weaponry is fit for close and medium range and typically has a high rate of fire, letting you lay down a steady stream of bullets. The Support class is also a Fortification expert, able to build them quicker than any other class, as well as able to add mounted guns and other hardware to them.

The Medic is the difference between life and death, helping the squad survive as long as possible. When fighting, there's nothing more important than protecting your fellow soldiers, and that's where the Medic class shines bright. They hold their own in combat with medium-range weapons, but the medic's true weapon is the syringe, which revives any teammate faster than the new non-medic revive available to everyone in your squad.

This class is the glint of reflective light the enemy sees in the distance before they're on the ground calling for a Medic. The sniper rifle is the hallmark of the Recon class, where precision, patience, and map knowledge let them neutralize enemies from afar. They’re also instrumental for team play – the Recon class can use its range and Gadgets to call out intelligence to their team.

Consider the four base classes as a starting point. New to Battlefield V is the introduction of Combat Roles, previously known as “Archetypes.” Each Class gets two Combat Roles at launch to choose from, with one equipped as a default. More Combat Roles will release gradually as part of Tides of War, giving players enough time to master each before providing them with additional options to choose from.

Combat Roles for each class offer a deeper level of customization, which lets you better adapt to the battlefield situation. Think of them as a type of swap-able package of benefits that gives you more flexibility to tackle a specific objective. For example: let's say you are pushing foes back non-stop as an Assault Class, and suddenly the enemy starts rolling in more tanks — you can quickly adjust by switching to a Combat Role that gives you a set of benefits meant to better deal with enemy vehicles.

Your class and Combat Role can then be further refined by equipment loadouts, tuned to best suit your upcoming fight. You can also design the look of your soldiers through cosmetic changes, by applying distinct faces, diverse outfits, and war paint so that the enemy never forgets who fired that last round. Building your own soldiers, customizing their weapons, and selecting their visual design gives you a more personal and tactical experience.


Your time spent playing Battlefield V is represented by ranks in five categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter.

Increasing your rank in each category rewards you with both gameplay items and cosmetic items. Gameplay items include weapons, vehicles, and weapon parts. Cosmetic items include weapon skins and soldier gear that change the look of your soldier.


Career Rank
This is your overall rank that increases with nearly everything you do in Battlefield V. Career Rank is represented by the familiar military rank structure (such as Private, Sergeant, Captain, and others), and increases with whatever game mode, weapon, or class you choose to play. As you gain Career Rank, you'll earn Company Coin and unlock vehicles to add to your Company.

Class Rank
This rank reflects how often you play as one of the four classes in Battlefield V: Medic, Recon, Assault, and Support. Progression in this rank unlocks Combat Roles — as well as additional primary weapons, side arms, melee weapons, gadgets, and grenades within a class.


Weapon and Vehicle Rank
Both primary weapons and vehicles have a progression system all to themselves. Earn XP while using a weapon or vehicle in battle and you can then choose to spend Company Coin to unlock choices within their Specializations. Each Specialization path changes how a weapon or vehicle plays, so you can modify it to fit your style. For example, you could choose to improve the hip fire accuracy of an MG 42 machine gun, or increase the durability of a Valentine tank.


Chapter Rank
Each Chapter in Tides of War brings a new battlefield that takes you and your Company into fresh gameplay experiences, including maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and themed rewards.

You gain Chapter Ranks by playing any game mode during the course of a Chapter, with extra bonuses for completing Tides of War missions. The more you play during the Chapter, the more Chapter rewards you’ll unlock. We'll explain this in more detail as we get closer to our first Chapter, which arrives soon after launch.

As you play and progress through Battlefield V, you will earn Company Coin. Company Coin gives you the ability to choose items outside the base progression paths to further expand and customize your Company.

You can use Company Coin to unlock choices within weapon and vehicle Specializations. You can also use Company Coin to get cosmetic items, such as jackets, face paint, and weapon skins. At launch, cosmetic items will be available for soldiers and weapons. Vehicle cosmetics will be available in the first chapter of Tides of War.

You earn Company Coin from Career progression, Daily Missions, and some Special Assignments.

Battlefield V will also have an optional currency known as Battlefield Currency, which is purchased with real-world money. Battlefield Currency can be used to acquire specific cosmetic items for your Company.

Battlefield Currency will not be available at launch. We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system, and earning Company Coin before introducing premium currency.

Balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series, and our belief is that real-world money should not enable pay-to-win or pay-for-power.




The first multiplayer map set in the Netherlands is called Rotterdam. DICE apparently did extreme research into the city during the setting (in 1940) in order to recreate its dense city streets.


This map highlights the huge destruction caused by the battle between the Dutch and German forces, and it features charred and broken buildings and even a train that balances perilously on a bridge.

DICE has confirmed that the Devastation map has been built with “dynamic destruction,” which means that different parts of the map and its bombed-out streets will crack, move, and shift during the course of play. It makes gameplay more “realistic,” says DICE.

Twisted Steel

French Battlefield V multiplayer map Twisted Steel will transport players to the once “serene” countryside. The map is full of wide and expansive spaces and various clusters of trees. The open space leaves players vulnerable to aerial attacks or they could be mowed down by tanks moving across the plain, but it also makes enemies easy pickings.

The Twisted Steel map is also home to a massive bridge, which DICE says is the “biggest structure ever modeled” in a Battlefield game. It’s a hugely important strategic location and it’s recommended that players try to take it with a coordinate assault or prepare to defend it with everything they’ve got (including the new fortifications).


Fans also got a glimpse at the second French map during the trailer.

In the distance, there is a line of trees, and fans can spot a church on the right-hand side. Very little else is known about the map so far, but that church will likely be another important strategic point that players will want to keep a tight grip on.


The Hamada map is the first of two set in North Africa. It features a large-scale tank battle, and it has been inspired by a “strategic point” between Libya and Egypt. Several “pivotal battles” between the Axis and Allied forces took place between 1941 and 1942.

Like the Twisted Steel map, Hamada will be very much focused on vehicular combat.


This map appears to be the second North Africa map and offers up a smoky and on-fire style in comparison to Hamada’s dusty, rocky outcrops.

The billows of smoke and the aircraft in this map may well provide good cover. However, this also goes for your opponents and it means that players may want to stay sharp so that enemies don’t get the jump on them.


The Narvik map (sometimes referred to as the Arctic Fjord map) is set during the Battles of Narvik which took place in the spring of 1940.

This map is set in a residential area and so is populated by plenty of houses for players (and their opponents) to hide in. Of course, Battlefield V multiplayer is big on destruction, so with use of a tank or high caliber bullets, players could obliterate these homes and the hiding places along with them.

Fjell 652

Follows the fight as the Axis forces retreat into the cold, unforgiving peaks surrounding the port city of Narvik. From above, it seems that the map will see players converge in the center at the top of a mountain. This central location is dotted with buildings, which will probably be great for hiding in. But the positioning of the map also makes it perfect for aerial bombardments, meaning that these buildings may not hold up for long.







I'm super skeptical about all the sudden positivity surrounding the game. The beta was shite so I don't see how it could've become so brilliant a month later. This is the first BF game I'm not buying at launch which I'm disappointed about but a wait and see approach is warranted here.


I'm super skeptical about all the sudden positivity surrounding the game. The beta was shite so I don't see how it could've become so brilliant a month later. This is the first BF game I'm not buying at launch which I'm disappointed about but a wait and see approach is warranted here.

Well the negativity surrounding the game doesn't really have anything to do with how it plays, it's just people that are overly sensitive taking a developer's words to heart and another group of people upset that they included women.

Beta was really good imo but ran like shit on my rig, thankfully the full game runs way better. Havin a lot of fun so far.


Fantastic work on the OT. I'm enjoying myself with the game, although something about it feels super generic after playing BF1. They should have gone full alternate reality and dropped any pretense they were going for the same kind of thing.


Great official topic, thanks for all the work.

Well I decided to give EA the benefit of the doubt and go with Battlefield this year. They canned Söderlund, got rid of loot boxes, and backed off on the virtue signaling and included a single player campaign with no season pass with free maps and a new mode coming next year.
I skipped COD because I feel like they are the greedy ones this year and offered no campaign.


Good job on the OT.

What is up with the UI in the game? Just translucent boxes and basic white font? That's it? It has that alpha/placeholder feel to it. Feels like the art team didn't either bother with the UI or were not involved at all, it looks so unfinished.


Paid a month of premier just to try it. I'm not feeling it.
Funny thing about female soldiers. Physically they look just like male soldiers. What really set them apart is their voices. I forget they're even there. Then i hear a woman screaming like crazy and i think wtf.

I miss BF3. And bad company 2.
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I've played a few hours since Thursday and I'm enjoying it.

Gameplay and movement feels different from previous BF but esthetically it reminds me to BF4 somehow.

It feels faster and a few tweaks are taking me some time to adjust to.

Overall, I liked it.


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EA is really shooting themselves in the foot with this staggered release. By the time it hits GA it will already be dead on Twitch. Well, shooting BFV in the foot, maybe EA makes enough off of the promotions that it doesn't matter how it hurts the games.
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Please someone with this game can you explain grand operations to me?

In BF1 when the game launched there were 4 operations, each one consisted of 2 maps. Within each map there was a progression of usually 3-4 capture points. If you won the first map you moved onto the second map.

So I played the beta, and I know that BF V launches with 8 maps. Reading the material though I see that not all maps support all gameplay modes. From the beta I know grand operations is 3 days + a 4th only if the match is tied.

So how many grand operations are there? Does each map have a grand operations with different modes on each day for a total of 8 GO? Or is there 2 GO with 4 maps each?


I wouldn't mind BF:V with me getting back into BF1 recently, it's good fun.

However with it being a battlefield game...i'll give it a month to settle in so I can avoid any serious (and inevitable) problems with the multiplayer.

Also I don't agree with the staggered's all a little confusing, I suppose you could just ignore the other release dates and just get it physically... but well youtube makes that hard...

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Dice doing this right.
After the disaster Blizzard did and the perfection of RDR 2 they are not making a big fuzz about BF V. Instead pushing it and creating big hype, they are hoping we will praise it. I tried 10 hour trial and it is really good. I really enjoy it and I think it will be a hit.

Along with Fortnite, Black Ops this will be in top 3 when more and more getting this masterpiece.


Please someone with this game can you explain grand operations to me?

In BF1 when the game launched there were 4 operations, each one consisted of 2 maps. Within each map there was a progression of usually 3-4 capture points. If you won the first map you moved onto the second map.

So I played the beta, and I know that BF V launches with 8 maps. Reading the material though I see that not all maps support all gameplay modes. From the beta I know grand operations is 3 days + a 4th only if the match is tied.

So how many grand operations are there? Does each map have a grand operations with different modes on each day for a total of 8 GO? Or is there 2 GO with 4 maps each?

I had the chance to play GO today, only one match though so I'm not sure how many there are.

The difference with BF1 is that this one mixes different objectives, it's not always about capturing points. Also, you can start as an attacker trying to capture point A. If your team manages to do it, then 3 more points will be activated that need to be destroyed with bombs in a set amount of time. If your team fails to destroy the points and point A is taken by the other team, then a different set of capture points appear and the other team needs to destroy them while your team needs to defend.

Also the outcome of each day affects the next one by providing bonuses to the attacker team if they win, for example reduced delay for vehicle respawn.

I've played about 3 hours total since last Thursday and so far I'm enjoying it. Enough that I will purchase it once my 1 month sub to premier expires. The game looks beautiful on PC, runs pretty well (without DX12 on Nvidia, as usual) and the maps that I've tried (not sure if I've seen them all) are fun and dynamic. Explosions are amazing. Sound design, as always, it's great.

I haven't seen that many vehicles but it's also harder to take them down. The assault role starts with 2 AT rockets, some of the shots are botched and do 4 damage. When resupplying from the support class, you can only pick up one rocket at the time so tanks tend to last longer than in previous games.

Personally I don't care if there are women or not in the game. They don't represent any impact to the gameplay. I haven't played the SP campaign but at least on MP I'm not seeing anything out of place in regards to technology or whatever (no bionic arms, etc).

So far I feel it's the best BF since BF4 and it's exciting to think that it just got released and normally BF games improve a lot over time. I'd recommend it to anyone who liked previous entries.

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Best BF since BF 4 and it is really awesome!
Congrats Dice finally making a good game again.
I love how optimized it is for PC and it does feel and look gorgeous.

For those on the fence get the Orgin Basic and try the game for 10 hours. It is really are awesome
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SUPERB OT! Gutted that I’ll almost finish my 10hrs trial. Why doesn’t the EA Access has the same benefits as Origin access :(?


Well the negativity surrounding the game doesn't really have anything to do with how it plays, it's just people that are overly sensitive taking a developer's words to heart and another group of people upset that they included women.

Beta was really good imo but ran like shit on my rig, thankfully the full game runs way better. Havin a lot of fun so far.

Agreed. Its why its still a day 1 for me. I've never played games based on twitter comments so I don't see why I would then not play games based on twitter comments lol That would be like me saying I won't buy Cyberpunk cause CDPR said so and so, oh I won't buy RDR2 cause Rockstar "controversy" and they said so and so.

How about the game itself? That is the only reason I play and its always going to be the only reason I buy or don't buy a game.


What a clusterfuck of a release date, waaaayyy to complicated.

Drop the damn game on one day annd be done with it.


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Good job with the OT.

I love BF but didn’t find the beta much fun. I am torn on if I want to buy this or not.
Caved in and “preordered” the game. Still think it should be delayed till March.
Well, you can delay it for yourself and get it cheaper when there is more content and they have fixed whatever bugs/problems it may have.

I'm sure this game will go down in price fast because preorders have been below expectations and EA wants to get as much people as possible playing it so they will make more money when they eventually add microtransactions to it.
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The more I play it, the more I like it. Maps are pretty fun.

The only thing I don't like that much is that progression is a bit slow. I really don't like to have to play a lot with each weapon to get all the accessories.


The open field map with a single road and bridge is just awfullllll. That's my only complaint so far.
Is anyone else having trouble loading new rounds after a match? I've been playing conquest and after every round the game just gets stuck in the loading screen.

edit:Apparently other people are having similar issues looking at EA forums.

There's also a fucking bug with team balancing apparently, I hopped in a conquest game earlier that was 28v36 and other people are reporting similar issues.

Why does this shit never get brought up in reviews? These are fucking game breaking bugs.

2nd edit: Apparently the servers do rotate maps, no idea why it works sometimes and it doesn't other times.
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Some impressions after a few hours of conquest.

So far it feels really good, removing mortars has lessened explosion spam greatly, for better or worse its much easier traveling between points.

The one glaring flaw is it's just kind of content starved, 8 maps is just not enough and with each class limited to only 2-3 gadgets there's only so much experimenting you can do. The gun progression system is really the only thing to keep players going for unlocks.


This is probably gonna be the first bf since bf3 that I'm going to sit out on simply bc my pc can't handle it and it will be some time before I have one that can.
David Sirland is a bit off on this, while it is correct that Russia invaded Poland at the beginning of the war and there was the non aggression pact.

The USSR received aid and weapons from the UK, U.S, even sending tanks and airplanes with "to uncle joe" labeled on them and there's the whole Stalin with Churchill and FDR thing :p

While USSR did have it's own agenda, they were technically still part of the allies whether someone likes it or not.
Interesting turn of events for me. When Black ops 4 came out along with battlefield 5 beta, I hated bf5 and love Black ops 4. And I'm usually a battlefield player. After playing the 10-hour trial of the full game, I tried going back to call of duty and it was no longer fun. Bf5 in final form is amazing and a huge improvement from the beta. 8 maps at launch is my biggest complaint.

Moreover, I went back to battlefield 1 after my trial ended and quickly realize how different the two titles really are. Battlefield 1 feels arcadey now compared to bf5, which kills my original complaint of BF5 feeling like DLC. They are very different in not only gunplay and mechancs but also map design.
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