Console Wars : Revenge of the Gifs! March Contest Thread


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Oct 23, 2016
Welcome to the March Gif and Meme Contest Thread.

To see the previous months contest, click HERE!!!

We had many great entries last month. But @strange headache is the winner

And now @strange headache must be ready to defend the title of Gif and Meme Champion.

The Rules

1. The Gif/Meme you submit must be your own creation. NO DIGGING UP OLD GIFS (KAZ GIFS) AND SUBMITTING UNLESS YOU ARE THEIR CREATORS!!!

2. It must be GAMING related.

3. One Gif/Meme per post. You may make as many posts as you like. But it must be one per post. Have 3 Gif/Memes? Make 3 posts.

4. Monthly winner will be decided at the end of the month by post/entry with most likes. You may like as many posts as you want. The winner will get the tag "Lord of all Gifs and Memes” that you will wear until the next winner is crowned.

@PengTiki was kind enough to provide information for wondering how to get started
Some online GIFFING options

Use images or edit your video or youtube from url or giphy gifs
then add captions

MS Paint style animator

Online Meme Makers

Add image, add text


And there is also

So GAF, lets have some fun... and knock @strange headache of their High Horse : )​
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