Gaffer Claims To Have Created SuperPS3 (improved textures, draw-distance.. in games)

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...I shit you not. :p
He claims improved textures detail, draw-distance and faster HDD load times (among other things as well, still unclear about framerate and I honestly don't know what he means with "loss polygon bending" -my bad-).
He wanted to post a thread but he's a junior. He's dead set on providing evidence that his claims are true and his work's the real deal. starts post#2125

No comment on my part
I want to see how far he actually goes
, so you guys can form your own opinion:

UPDATE 2 (Oct. 11th, 7:30PM GMT)

rhubbard16 said:
I am currently uploading new/old screens to Flickr. I will gladly post new footage as soon as I recieve the HD capture card, iPhone footage just doesn't have the results even unrestricted. My goal GAF is to have HD 1080p realtime content for review by next week with stock vs. Enhanced GTA IV, God of War3, Resistance, and I will demonstrate HDD load times as well Showing Tekken DR stock vs. Enhanced. I have been given the oppurtunity to demonstrate this with some added financial contributions. Any real comments or questions can be sent to my email at
Thank you for your support (yes I was pissed last time I'm cool now)


"shot of texture detail not seen in stock PS3."


"For GAF who commented on Belic's jacket texture detail"

UPDATE (Oct. 9th, 1AM GMT)

rhubbard16 said:
should have some new hardware and gameplay up soon! Might post some hd footage in realtime.Honestly thought most everyone knew about enhancing the console by now! What a good/ bad reaction huh! It's funny how much my words get misread and exaggerated, wow!
I will try to raise to the level expected of me now.


rhubbard16 said:
PS3 Hardware enhancements and GTA IV
This I believe is the most appropriate place to drop this since I am deemed unworthy to post a topic of my own.......

Pertaining to the PS3 and specifically GTA IV on it. I was so damned
frustrated about this PS3 port and how soft the textures were not to mention the texture detail and draw distance all bad new's bears!

So, heres my story fellow superlative GAF, I have spent some time ugrading the physical hardware in the 60BG Playstation 3 (going off the design of my personal so-called high end componentry:Sony ES reciever and Pionner Elite BDP 05, and Meridian DVD) All have been opened up, I wanted to see the craftsmanship surrounding these brands for myself and why they deliver top notch audio and video. I took notes. I set out to replicate (in the PS3) starting with the power supply. I isolated the external and internal carriage of the power supply by coating it with copper,nickel ,and alluminum to decrease RFI and EMI signal noise from the power supply leaking to the video ports of the MOBO to get more clarity to video content. It was brought to my attention from a companies teardown results that stock is allowed 70db or so of RFI and EMI to escape the power supply by FCC standards. I have that down to 0db or -15db to my estimation.
I have replaced all of the capacitors by hand and installed Mundorf and Rubicon. The standard glass fuses with ceramic Furutech built for solid state amps.
I have set the potentiometer with my Fluke to well over stock setting(supposedly incresase read and write speeds)of the poteniometers of the BR diode albiet shorteneing the life span of the diode. this model does not include the DVD laser.
The Playstation is partitioned by copper sheeting seperating as best as I could the power supply from the board excluding the two gold prongs inserted in the board to connect power but the rest is seperated with a sheet between (coated with spray rubber) componentry. I have completely seald the fan shroud up with alluminum duct tape so it actually uses forced air rather than let 35% of the heat escape through the countless open leaks that dont match up when assembled at factory.
I have also lapped the CPU and GPU to a mirror finish, as well as the heatsinks. I have straightened most of the heat sink fluting too. Applied silver thermal paste.
done with that part......
All HDMI cables have been termintated by me all solder points have been done by me for me,ensuring I have the best contacts. I found a very dear friend in Dana Point, CA who owns Xtreme Cables he was kind enough to show me the process with 19 pin HDMI construction and termination. I come to you with all this and find myself blurring the lines of perception. I am including pictures for your honest judgement. They are taken from my Samsung S860 directly off my Plasma at 2592x1944 . These first shots I have shown no one besideds Toby Pixel Counterrr.

I have done all of this work for the perfect PS# GTA IV.
lots of debates on frame limiters for the game on this platform not being enabled and random textures blah blah....

Ok fuck! someone show me how to-nevermind got it I think you can view some of the results at Flickr. Guess you copy/paste the link
There is more than one picture in the set, If you can find old screenshots from "Lens of Truth" GTA IV between both consoles you will see a major difference with my shots taken. Comparing my modified PS3 and stock you will see a contrast in textures, draw distance and the loss polygon banding associated with Niko and other charaters. All of these issues surround the PS3 version. I know on PC you can change the draw distance but on a console it is supposed to be locked, anyway my shot clearly shows the cityscape of Broker while Niko is in Algonquin. It would usually be blurry and blu-ish before I enhanced the PS3.
I don't know if you are familiar with electronics but the more quality constructed parts equal a higher quality product. I recommend doing some research in that area. All of these fine Gaf's have invested in quality PC parts to run the ICEnhancer mod for a reason. Quality equals results.
My hands did not create bullshit my good man. You need to have that bs meter calibrated.
I apologize for derailing this thread, let me clarify my thought process with what I wanted to achieve with solidifying this PS3. The designer did not intend for this system to be produced on an assembly line with labor flaws and cost cutting manufacturing guidelines. He meant it to be the best with the highest quality parts included; however, Sony P&L department is in charge of ripping that infantile design from the womb and make a profit on the afterbirth. I have taken the individual flaws(concave heatsinks, inferior capacitors, component separation and EMI&RFI transmissions to 0db) out of the equation and the result is a discrete console yielding more computational output with minor repairs to blatant flaws in construction. Giving the platform a stronger foundation to perform on.
I am one of few who will go to these lengths but I do believe I represent an aspect of GAF in it's finest form. Gamings' purest state is to attain success in emulating a reality that is believable on many levels. To do that you need to have your shit together and create something extraordinary.
I don't believe I have sadly, but someone more advanced on this site might see my results and elaborate to even more extremes and create something worth discussing.



Flickr account with all the pics rhubbard16 has posted as evidence:


thanks for the laugh
he's gonna be pissed when he finds out there's a pc version. guess he couldn't be bothered with tweaking drivers and shit.


Will Eat Your Children
rhubbard16 said:
Here and open to any questions you might have.
This is not too complicated-
I pray your bodies are ready!
What other games you've seen improved from this?
Teetris said:
What other games you've seen improved from this?
I have seen many IMO, and friends and family have pointed out a 1:1 (pixel by pixel) (dot by dot) quality with God of War III and Heavy Rain.

I was so used to seeing my personal set-up I had forgotten what stock performed like, over to a clients house saw his set-up (small but decent audiophile theater much nicer than mine) and began to grin feverishly at my delight in seeing his PS3 was not up to the level I had achieved.

let me be clear I have been working on this for quite some time, and believe you me my frinds and family were the worst to convince. I had to bring them over to see it for real. I played with the notion to upgrade but most people are content with what they have and have no interest in quality or performance. This project was for me, and me alone.
I don't have the means to purchase a Mark Levinson amp, but I did/do have the guts and will to achieve a higher quality PS3 build. I wanted mine to be the best out there!
Im sure once this gets to more people I will not be alone in this pursuit.


So what you're saying is because you put a spit shine on your PS3 all of a sudden the software that was running Heavy Rain and God of War 3 decided to upgrade itself?


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
squidyj said:
So what you're saying is because you put a spit shine on your PS3 all of a sudden the software that was running Heavy Rain and God of War 3 decided to upgrade itself?

Given the thread title I thought he was claiming to have somehow upgraded the GPU.


sorry but this sounds like nonsense to me. if you are using hdmi everything is digital anyway so RF interference and how shiny your gpu is should make no difference.


Even if he did those things and ended up with a functioning PS3 at the end, I don't see how it would boost performance.


Hahaha. Well at least there will be no electronic interference and the console should run cool as hell. Everything else is bullshit though.
Can't tell if he's a hardware engineering genius, software engineering ignoramus, somewhere in between or on a higher plane of existence altogether.


JaseC said:
Given the thread title I thought he was claiming to have somehow upgraded the GPU.

rhubbard16 said:
I simply took the lead from the high-end Pioneer Elite BDP (the clarity to my plasma was stunning even before I ran my Alienware on it to calibarte to ISF standards I was blown awy at how clean the picture looked to me) componentry I had purchased in my library. I opened them all up and discovered each using power filtration processes including ferrites and pads with silver interconnects on the individual boards. my Meridian Player had Mundorf caps and resitors and thought why? Then why not I started to buy them in 2007locally here in Oregon and add them slowly to the power supply. I realized after coating the power supply carriage with Copper, Nickel , and Alluminum that I was getting a cleaner picture than any of my friends who own the same model with stock PS. I slowly have added the other enhancements like copper tape on certain high points of resistance on the BR drive housing. I dont believe I am changing the physical computer as I am giving it a cleaner springboard or source for computation. i believe the PS3 as it stands is limited by the build quality it is housed in. I have seen it with my own eyes have had countless people over to view to see if i was FUCKING CRAZY- at the house with the same results sold two consoles to two close friends who didnt mind voided warranties and they still call me to talk about different ideas and changes.
I am open to any questions and fricken flattered to hear it, but it's pathetic to discount any new ideas out of ignorance

Not so much touching the internal hardware, but even if you took the ps3 guts and upgraded them you'd pretty much just wind up with a higher fps (unless it's locked) and maybe better texture loading? visual effects, resolution, resolution of effects, textures, nothing would be better because of it.


I can't comment on the actual results, but for the images:
Maybe the camera's internal date was set differently?
Either way, it does say that he just uploaded the images yesterday and today.
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