Good New Music?


I have trouble finding decent new music.
The last good song I added to my playlist was Majesty by Eminem and Nicki Minaj.
Most of that album is worth a listen but I'd recommend at least that song as a starter.

How bout the rest of GAF, what new music are you listening too?


All the new music I hear is from games or movies I play or see.

May I suggest something like... dunno...
Everything's magic from Angels and Airwaves, or Paper Walls from Yellowcard (one of the most amazing punk rock songs ever made)


Maybe I shouldn't have posted this in community, doesn't look to be seeing much action.
I'll check out those recommendations.
Barns Courtney's 'Glitter and Gold' is a great song which I first heard through the Netflix show 'Safe'.
The whole album isn't too bad overall either.
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