How can it end like this?


After about 2 years I finally completed a game (2 actually). Prince Of Persia and Beyond Good and Evilwere 2 games I bought on the cheap back in February. They were both atypical endings but the fuck was up wih Good and Evil's. How can you just end the story on that last shot?

I'm down with a good cliffhanger or teaser but DAMN.


Yeah. It had this whole kinda cool, mysterious atmosphere going on, and all of a sudden this 1950s style "DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!" twist.

I liked PoP's twist though.
It's cool that the Prince is telling the story to the girl the entire game... but it's also kinda funny if you think about it:

"So I ran up the wall, swung on the flagpole, AND FELL TO MY DEATH, BREAKING ALL BONES IN MY BODY!

...No, no. That didn't happen, let me start over"
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