How was your homework load when you were at school?


Jul 1, 2012
Pray tell, what is the functional difference between "projects" and "homework"

Not the quoted party, but when I think of 'homework', I think of 'have this done for the next lesson/end of week' whereas projects tend to be 'you have a month or two or more to work on this thing'.


Feb 5, 2013
In high school I barely had any until I took AP classes and suddenly had shit like 50 paragraph long definitions every other night and boring books we had to finish in a week or less. The work wasn't actually that bad if you read the textbook like you were told and kept up with the lectures, but the sheer volume of it annoyed me sometimes. By the time I was a senior taking AP US Government I basically stopped doing homework completely and my test score reflected that. Had to take it again in college where it was just as much work so that was a great move on my part.

Homework in college is more manageable if you budget your time properly in my opinion. Even with a part time job you have so much more free time in college than high school. That doesn't stop me from waiting until the last minute though.


Mar 7, 2019
I can't say that my homework load at school was something special. I studied in a regular school (not a specialized institution), and we always had the most ordinary tasks and homework. But some teachers used to gave increased load to children who coped well. But this is not about me. I have always been an average student. Sometimes I even had to ask someone to help me do my homework. Especially the math teacher liked to give additional tasks to our best students. I was lucky, because I was not among them. So nothing special for me.
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