My 3D art


I want to share some of my 3D art I made during past years.
I hope you like it!





Thanks, more of a skill than talent - 3D art is all about technical stuff, whilst 2D needs talent.

hey! 3d animation takes talent! modeling (and organic modeling more-so), takes talent too.

but i concur, the TD side of things is just checking on and off a bunch of attributes. its really just about having the know-how and waiting for renders XD.

I will say that all the technical stuff is getting easier and easier to make things looking good so achieving quality levels isn't as difficult as it used to be. where as animation tools have kinda plateaued.

like its become easier to sculpt/paint textures/normals/etc in the last 10 years, but im still animating with tools like nothings changed.

the fact that modeling/texturing are getting a little less complicated is making it more feasible for the user/more users to impart their artistic visions though.
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3d animation takes talent! modeling (and organic modeling more-so), takes talent too

For sure! However even in animation or organic modeling if you fallow the technical rules you can have great outcome. But I agree that animation from 3D spectrum has the most to do with talent.


These are all great renders.
But where are all the hilarious abominations u created while learning. Post some of those too. :messenger_grinning_smiling:
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