New Themes, Paypal Payments, and A Gold-Exclusive Surprise


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Today we are introducing a few new features to the site. We hope you enjoy them.

New Light and Dark Themes

We have redesigned the site from the ground up to be cleaner, faster, and easier to use for desktop, tablet, and mobile users. This includes an overhaul of our site navigation that puts the things you love front and center.



From the main header you can access - from left to right - the full menu (more on this later), the home page, the site's three main forums: gaming, communities, and off-topic, your watched threads, hot threads, and new threads. On the right you can access your account menu (including bookmarks), conversations, alerts, and search.

In tablet mode, each header section is replaced with just its icon


In mobile mode, this condenses down even further.


The sub, hot, and new sections are hidden here to conserve space, but don't worry as they can still be accessed from the sidebar menu.

Depending on which section of the site you're currently viewing, that section will be highlighted in the top navigation


to access the full navigation menu, you can click the menu button in the upper left which will bring up the sidebar. From here you can access the Marketplace, Streams, Giveaways, and more.


Thread List

There are a few changes to how threads are listed on the site. These changes were made with readability and quick access to relevant information in mind.

Tags (such as |OT|, News, Opinion, etc.) are now listed in the byline of each thread.


This keeps the thread list easy to read as the thread titles are kept left-aligned. This design carries through to the thread itself:


Your avatar in the thread list. To indicate a thread you've started, your avatar will now replace the GAF logo on the left. This will make it easy to find threads which you're the OP.


Additionally, to the right of a thread now you'll see your avatar for threads you've posted in. This will also make it easy to quickly identify which threads you've participated in before.

Dark Theme

We built a dark theme that looks great in low-light conditions and can help conserve battery life on OLED devices.


Paypal Payments Now Accepted

Starting today, NeoGAF is now accepting payments for NeoGAF Gold via Paypal. Just select Paypal from the dropdown list when purchasing gold, either for yourself or as a gift.


If you're making a one-time purchase (Gift subscription) then you can checkout with Paypal to complete the purchase. If you're signing up for as subscription plan for your own account, you'll confirm your payment information with Paypal for the automatic withdrawals


What's this?

Gold members can now leave a special Gold-exclusive reaction to posts.


We hope you enjoy this little surprise.
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