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W.I.P. Dodgin Diamond 2X - Jump 'n BumpX - Abombniballx v2
>> Lots of updates from freakdave on
* New port in progress : Dodgin Diamond 2X
This is a nice oldschool shoot 'em up for all Arcade fans out there. Basically it's finished.
Here are some screens from Dodgin Diamond 2X: pic 1 - pic 2


* Jump 'n BumpX release is getting closer!
Yep,it's true.JnBX's version tag is now RC1.
The package will be available for betatesters next Monday!
Changelog :
-fixed screen size/stretch (rather tweaked,not fixed)
-added a recoded and fully functional level launcher.
-added new launcher background image
Preview pic from the launcher: pic 1

* Abombniballx(info) v2 ready for release!
Changelog :
-fixed screen size/stretch
-fixed QUIT bug
-added D-PAD controls
I'm planning to release Abombniballx v2 simultaneously with Jump 'n BumpX.
Be prepared !

XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2004-06-06 build
>> There are many groups and people compiling XboxMediaCenter(info) builds these days. (you can pretty much find a dialy build). As said before I'll try to give an overview about 1x/week and I'll put up a changelog compared to the latest version posted on xbox-scene news.
What's new/fixed (since CVS build on 05-21):
* added: SF patch[922265] Display names from soundtracks *updated* - Thanks to dfangel
* added: title image and savegame image in release project
* added: subtitle charsets for Hebrew(arial-iso-8859-8, size 18), Turkish(arial-iso-8859-9, size 18,24)
* added: language code for vobsubs.
* changed: my videos, removing file extension before submitting filename to imdb, hopefully more accurate search results for scan
* changed: xbe icons are caches as 128x128 tbn now
* changed: playlist containing remote files (http/mms) are not saved to playlist directory anymore
* changed: changes a few language files to be consistent in Settings such that there are no colons (Chokeman).
* changed: If no default is specified for My Programs, then keep it that way. Do not default to Q:\Shortcuts.
* changed: Scan in My Programs will find any XBE regardless of whether Show Only Default.xbe is specified.
* changed: increased stream cache size to 16384. hopefully solves some stuttering problems
* changed: enlarge subtitles, use more lines instead of rendering offscreen
* fixed: album info didn't worked on unscanned file
* fixed: my music, Directory reading speed-up for unscanned directories with id3 tags disabled
* fixed: my music songs, autoswitch list/thumb doesn't always work
* fixed: list control label2 was always rendered as selected
* fixed: SF[966020] Selectbutton in My Videos doesn't get focus if view is switched the first time
* fixed: cache buffer will now stay at 100% instead of 50% (this means that half the cache size will do now)
* fixed: SF[965551] IMDB Thumbs no longer work
* fixed: SF[964872] Unable to change DVD-ROM bookmark name
* fixed: some lcd issues like (LCD sometimes shows garbage)
* fixed: my music songs playlists button speedup
* fixed: LCD dont show åäö.
* fixed: my music song, when entering after bootup and tag is set, icon or list isn't automatically switched
* fixed: album info: album thumb was not assigned to a unscanned folder, if folder contains one album
* fixed: album info shows a list of albums for a folder if more then one is available
* fixed: dvdfolder playback from local disk. wonder how many times this has been broken and fixed
* fixed: ogg 6ch channel mapping. very limited in non digital mode. only left and right channel is audioable
* fixed: selected state of passthrough and output to all channels settings sometimes incorrect when switching from analog to digital
* fixed: channel mapping of aac audio when using analog output (somewhat uggly, all channels are just mapped down to left or right unchanged)
* fixed: tivo playback
* fixed: album info: Track duration was shown as 0:00, if no duration available on
* fixed: my music: album art (downloaded/from id3 tag) was always assigned to the every file in the directory
* fixed: Shortcuts no longer hardcoded to Q:\Shortcuts. Will use what is defined in XboxMediaCenter.xml.
* fixed: wrong icon for playlists used
* fixed: xbmc was starting the shoutcast streamripper for every stream with 'http://', removed so movie streams start a bit faster.
* fixed: [ 955044 ] Playlists of streamed files don't advance (and hangs later)
* fixed: subvobs don't enlarge, caused by the "enlarge subtitles, use more lines instead of rendering offscreen" change which is now removed
* fixed: OSD video settings: move slider (eg contrast) left 2 steps. move it 1 step right. the effective setting goes to -3 instead of -2. same in other direction
* fixed: [ 959121 ] SMB path can no longer contain '?'
* fixed: dvd playback from disk (css auth)
* fixed: choppy playback of mono wmv.
* fixed: channel mapping for 6channel AAC audio.
* fixed: pictures create thumbs, cancel button doesn't work
* fixed: subtitles get bigger as videoresolution gets lower
* fixed: music database reorg, cancel button doesn't work
* fixed: my video genre, actors... do not show default icons if no thumb is available

Official Site: /
Download binaries: n/a (built with XDK)

Fba-xxx 04-06-2004
>> GogoAckman released a new build of Fba-xxx(info). What's new/fixed:
* fixed : cps1 sound bug (sorry for this)
* fixed : menu was always booting to cps1 menu on boot
* fixed : sound option now saves correctly
* fixed : removed screenshot function on left thumb stick, the function is now in the ingame menu
* fixed : autounibios now is automatically desactivated when playing a sma protected rom, this was causing white grill, these roms still can have bugs when setting AES in dipswitches (but you can switch to unibios)

Official Site: (english version)
Download: n/a (built with XDK)

Super Mario War 1.01(XBox)
>> A new homebrew port for the xbox..
A port of the SDL Super Mario War, this game is a stomp-battle multiplayer that resembles Super Mario 3 sprites/scenery.

- Up to four players deathmatch fun
- Comes with the leveleditor so you can create your own maps
- The whole source code of the game is available
- Based on the jnrdev #2 tutorial example
- uses SDL+FMOD and is fully portable to windows/linux/macos/...

Official Site:
Download: (binary)n/a (built with XDK) Source here

Xport releases 11 new game/emulator ports and 1 update
>> Xport just released a bunch of new game/emulator ports at once!!
Here's an overview:

* PowermangaX - Powermanga for XBox v1 (Powermanga website)
This is a port of the game Powermanga. It's a fun 2D shooter.

* GladiatorX - OpenGlad for XBox v1 (OpenGlad website)
This is a port of the game OpenGlad which is itself a port of an old DOS game called Gladiator. It's like Gauntlet and an action-RPG. It supports up to 4 players playing competitively or cooperatively.
You start off with $5000 which you use to buy troops (soldiers, barbarians, elves, ghosts, etc).
You can also spend extra money to increase their stats. After you have bought some troops, you can start the game. You have manual control over one of your troops and the rest behave via AI. You can switch between members of your group, too. The objective is to clear each board and progress through all 99 levels.

* AmphetamineX - Amphetamine for XBox v1 (Amphetamine website)
This is a port of the 2D platformer Amphetamine. Pretty good stuff.

* BlobWarsX - Blob Wars for XBox v1 (BlobWars website)
This is a port of the game Blob Wars which is another really slick/polished game from Parallel Realities. It's a platformer similar in theme to Metal Slug where you must rescue MIAs, collect weapon power-ups, etc.

* StarfighterX - Starfighter for XBox v1 (Starfighter website)
This is a port of the game Starfighter which is a really slick/polished 2D shooter that includes an upgrade system.
This game requires a video mode of 800x600 - which the XBox cannot do natively. Therefore the graphics are shrunk to 640x480. When this happened, the already small font used in the game became an alien language. I had to make a new (bigger) font which resulted in some cropping in certain parts of the game. If reading all of the parts of the story is important to you, you can check out the data files in the DATA directory. They're all human-readable. You'll probably want to have a copy of the "SHOP.DAT" file handy since most of the prices in the shops are cut off.

* PachiX - Pachi El Marciano for XBox v1 (Pachi El Marciano website)
This is a port of the game Pachi el Marciano which is an....interesting platformer/puzzler.

* BlueMSXBox BlueMSX Emulator port for XBox v1 (BlueMSX website)
Emulates MSX/MSX2/MSX2+

* OdysseyX Odyssey 2 Emulator port for XBox v1 (O2EM website)
Emulates Odyssey 2

* LynXBox Atari Lynx (Handy) Emulator port for XBox v1 (Handy website)
Emulates Atari Lynx

* ArnoldX Amstrad CPC Emulator port for XBox v1 (Arnold website)
Emulates Amstrad CPC

* X68000X X68000 Emulator port for XBox v1 (X68000 website)
Emulates X68000

* XBoyAdvance(info) - GBA/GBC/GB/SGB/SGB2 Emulator for XBox v10
What's new/fixed:
+ Merged in VisualBoy Advance 1.7.2 sources
+ Yes, Hamtaro works now
+ Filenames are no longer converted to all lowercase
+ Option to sort directories to the top or mixed in with the files
+ Fixed bug when selecting multiple buttons in combos
+ Customizable delay between screenshots (e.g. show new screenshot every 3 seconds)
+ View text files - access via Main Menu -] Utilities or during gameplay from In-game options -] Game Utilities
+ When the user has edited their INI files (which you should NOT do anymore since everything is editable through the menus) and their save directory is invalid, they will now be told so when XBoyAdvance starts.
+ Hardware filters (point filtering, bi/tri linear, etc) are now re-initalized before each game starts. The filter was possibly being overridden and never enforced after the first time a game is played.
+ Returning to favorites list maintains current position in list
+ Separated "General Settings" into two pages
+ Can now have hi-res modes (e.g. 1080i) initialized at startup

Official Site:
Download: n/a (built with XDK)
News-Source: X-S Emulator forums/X-S Homebrew forums and
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