PoliGAF Election Day 2008 Thread of A New Dawn in America (OBAMA ELECT)

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Shaheed79 said:
I just went over the map on CNN and I had no idea that most red state voter population is pretty small. I'm talking 12 of the total 21 red states where neither candidate accumulated more than 1million votes. I had no idea so many of those gigantic red states were so damn empty. Without Texas the GOP would barely even be a strong political party anymore.

Which is why I shake my head at the GOP's immortal argument that when the rural, "heardland" of America votes the republicans always win. The people who decide elections don't reside in Kansas or Oklahoma and hopefully the dems will pound that fact over the next few years.

I dunno if Virginia is on its way to being a consistent blue state but the western states (CO, NM, NV) certainly are thanks to the GOP's nationalist bullshit. In class today I heard a student argue that McCain was always a maverick because many republicans didn't like him due to his consistent maverick positions." Nah, they don't like him because he had common sense opinions on immigration. And until the GOP moves away from that nationalist nonsense they'll continue to lose. I kinda (well not really) felt bad for McCain losing the Hispanic vote so bad


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harSon said:
I feel really bad for Mccain. To pander towards those that wronged you 8 years prior and to toss aside nearly everything you've lived your life for in an attempt to make one last dash towards your long life dream... only to come short must be extremely disheartening. He's lost a lot of my respect through out this campaign but I can't help but feel sorry for him.

Pretty much i think McCain became a shill to the rep party to get his chance at being president (his decision if he wanted and i think many politicians do this) when about 8 years ago i though he was one of the better politicians in either party. So i've got mixed feeling in that i feel bad for McCain but glad as hell the decision was definitive so that palin could be no where near the white house (im a scientist and her fruit fly comment scared me) and that the republicans got the message that they can't keep pandering to only the religious right and expect to win.


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Tamanon said:
I fully expect kos to start to turn on him before the next election.:lol

pretty much, the guy is very liberal on some positions and very centrist on others. Hell, I think the guy is a hawk too. he wasnt against Iraq becuse he is against war. He just thought it was a stupid war.
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