Stranger Things Season 3 Offical Trailer


I know it's only the trailer, but that looked so much fucking better than season 2.

Steve looks to be in a lot of trouble though. Better not kill him off as he is by far the best character on the show.

Also, Nancy and Mike's mum looks incredible

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They overuse the nose bleeding shit. I hope it only happens one time.

Agreed. She should be working up a tolerance by this point. Something as simple as moving toys around should be nothing for her. Nosebleeds should be saved for the extreme stuff.

And the kids don't even react to it, which is always annoying.


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I wasn't a fan of most of Season 2, so I am hoping this is more like the first season. Really didn't care for the majority of Eleven's subplot with the others. Honestly, I just want to see more of Steve/Dustin bro friendship.


Season two was fine guys, I don't get the hate.

Looks amazing : I hope the same day release game is decent too.


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Looks promising and I really hope they’re building to a solid ending around season 5. Nostalgia overload this season😄 but in a fun way.
I do think that this should be the last season of stranger things with this cast. They should finish their story and maybe do something different in season 4.
I enjoyed the first two seasons though so I'm gonna watch the new one for sure.


Going from amazing to “fine” is the exact reason for the hate.
Fair, but as the years past and everything goes up a level I try to keep my expectations in check.
Season two wasn't the same as one but it's still far more enjoyable than most anything else out there IMO.
The bar for everything now is just so damn high.

That episode 7 really brought it down.
Even the 80’s aesthetic seemed to be missing from that episode.
Ah didnt know there was a divide. I enjoyed the change of pace personally
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