What, are you listening too?


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i dont hate you guys but i can say as a whole this forum has very very bad taste in music. like my average. my mean and mode bring it up a lot but there is only so much i can do


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I've been listening to Jazz24.org for a few weeks already and quite like it. I got kinda tired of choosing music to listen to and I didn't like the flow/discover and other options on streamings much. Besides, it's good sometimes to hear casual chat between tracks. The selection they have there is really good too, I never get tired of the tracks they play.


Quite like this guys music. I don’t actively check for new music, just every so often. Been a while since I’ve found a new artist in this sort of genre that I liked.



I’m not a big fan (although I thought his Taylor Swift cover album was clever

I like this song a lot though

Ryan Adams - Fuck The Rain

A 3 part Patreon history pice describing the fall of the Qing dynasty in China, waiting in third episode to drop. It’s some fascinating listening.


Spotify suggested me this band "Shaman's Harvest" and while I never heard of them before they are pretty good IMO

Also a friend recommended the covers for this guy and described them as "It's as if Dream Theater was making covers and James Labrie didn't suck" which kinda fits

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I always thought this was a great performance. I’m not a big fan but he’s great here, the soft interlude with some extra rap verses, then bringing it back to Cowboy for the strong finish. Well done

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