Disney Shuts Down Fox 2000 Division


If those were the notable titles then I don’t think much was lost.

In a surprise decision in the immediate wake of its acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Disney Studios is shutting down the Fox 2000 division.

The division has also produced numerous critical and/or commercial hits in recent years including “Hidden Figures,” “Life of Pi,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Love, Simon,” and “The Hate U Give”.



People don't realise time and again that the chief purpose of an acquisition on this scale is to simply take out the competition. Expect many more corpses. Disney will hold on to the IP's, and kill off 90% of the active production. Maybe keep the most profitable shows running. Even if they don't make a single cent from FOX properties, they've bought huge influence, and the death of a major competitor.
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I loved Life of Pi, Hidden Figures and the hate u give (based on a best selling book of the same name) .... I'm not sure how to feel about this...


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This is what happens with mega mergers. Redundant/profit bleeding subsidiaries will shut down, people will be laid off.

This happened with a local radio station cluster in Indianapolis, when it was announced a company that already owns 3 stations in Indy will acquire another company's cluster last month. Once the LMA kicked in on the 1st, they laid off ten people at the other cluster because of redundancy.


I loved Life of Pi, Hidden Figures and the hate u give (based on a best selling book of the same name) .... I'm not sure how to feel about this...

I checked out their movie catalogue on IMDB and I have to be honest, it's not too great. It includes such classics as the Alvin and the Chipmunk films, a Narnia film (a series that Disney gave up on), Eragon and the Percy Jackson films. There are certainly some gems in there but as a whole not very inspiring.

My comment above was a bit reactionary.
The alien Queen is now a Disney princess wooo
Let's have them make a deal with Capcom if they want a real princess for the Alien series. Let the Alien Queen keep being the Queen.
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Aside from Fight Ckub and a few others already mentioned, this studio put out pretty blah movies, maybe a 4-6/10 kind of movies.

Honestly, Fox should have shut this studio down long ago or folded it into another division. The good movies would have still been made and some of the crap maybe wouldn’t have.

That’s what happens with these big companies. They open new division which of course means more management,etc which costs more money. Recently happened to my company. Home office looked and realized “why are we paying 8 different presidents of 8 divisions? Fire 7, fold them into one, and lay off the duplicate jobs.”
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