New drunk. Thread. Hahahah fuuuuuuu.


Chillin w/ my lady at da pub
Goin home to play PuBg since she’s goin out tonight.

Got the whole night to play. :) :D


Dang had a very emotional experience with a stranger today

Anyway, last week at da store my GF helped some cutedude with a sign for Above and Beyond GT 250 show at the Gorge or wherever I don't know. But today he came in like after closing and was making another sign for another show etc and I was talkin to him about the Group Therapy experience. And I swear to god, all barriers broke down and we were immediately like, really really close. Was cool, nice kid. I hadn't really considered until now but ABTATW /ABGT is such a huge and very positive part of my live. Its just the workout music I listen to. But I've listened to the same podcast while jogging/working out for the last ten years. And to actually meet someone who had the same impact made to their life was really moving. It was so sudden though.


there is joy in sucking dick
I want to get some good quality absinthe and do the whole dog and pony show sugar cube thing. But apparently absinthe in the US isn't like the OG stuff in the motherland.


two of my friends are in the top whatever for duos. they got me a chicken dinner once in squad. it was embarassing since i got zero kills and was justthere to be a warm body

should i kickstart the digital reimaging of a cult card game made to cash in on magic's success in the 90s, created as a passion project of the guy who the insert me anywhere arrested development s4 promos. the goal is waaaaay too low and basic hearthstoney features are stretch goals :-/


Just finished off an imperial IPA
moving on to an olympia

i feel like im living in the future i used to imagine while posting and its no good


Corporate Apologist
I went to a divish bar, and with like 2 cocktails and the guy got me totally wasted. I normally do 2 shots per drink, and I think he put far more in each glass, since he served up the drink in a tall glass. I also drink a shot worth of gin about 4 hours ago at home (put in a touch of apple brandy, treated better before I shock and chilled it), and then went to a dance club/bar and got a red bull with cherry vodka.

What do, I Can not drink for the next 2 hours, but then I got to get home.

Edit: Everything is fine, got home a OK. Some guy kinda drugged me, gave me a E Cig with CBD in it when I was expecting just Nicotine, and told me after I took a hit. It destroyed all anxiety and made me mellow, but also kinda kill my mood to dance, which make me wonder why the fuck the guy brought that to him to a dance club.


Ran out of whiskey and was sad

Found a bottle of vodka and now I’m happy

Well minus the existential dread and self-hate but oh well


Fuck guys I'm getting back from a party and have to walk line more than 1km able I'm drink and typing this requires way too much effort and I should look where I'm going and I'm do sleepy fuck

Good news guys I got back home but like I'm felling sick and I need to brush my teeth and life o might wake up my flatmate pray for me


Playin some ✨PSP✨ just got my ✨PSP✨ all pimped out with a new battery and screen cover. Gonna play my ✨PSP✨.

Drain You


Meet me where the city turns to trees
And nothing comes for free
Lets see just how imposing you can be to me
So far from road-marks or homecoming games
Go on and drop your fucking names
Try to shift the blame


this wine was legit in a bad state so I know weirdly feel high from it, but not in a good way

so im snorting tabacco


im drinking a beer and sitting at the bar/counter in my kitchen
got a new coil for my wax vaporizer and its really incredible how clean this extract tastes! O.O its like stepping out of the shower.
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