Visual Studio 2019 dropping UWP as target platform - implications for gaming ?

Looks like Microsoft might be quietly withdrawing from UWP project - this is great news for gamers as UWP made all modding impossible and was part of why Microsoft Store was barely usable.

Also since main goal of UWP was joining console, phones and pc there's no real point in continuing it when windows phone is officially dead and xbox is slowly changing into service.

When we put it together with Halo coming to Steam and Windows Store it might be a sign that Microsoft is returning to their pre windows 10 days.


I wouldn't necessarily read too much into this at this time, but UWP was DOA in 2015. They had basically abandoned mobile, and there was really no reason for it to exist. Microsoft probably doesn't care if a gamer/software user buys from Microsoft Store as much anymore, they'll get those users down the road when they stop offering Windows natively. They want users to buy digitally, and this is an issue with traditional console players.

- Windows Virtual Desktop Service : currently in preview
- xCloud Game Streaming Service will be in preview/beta later in the year
- I would not be surprised by an application layer via Azure i.e. the ability to run win32/uwp from Azure on any platform as a Service.

Once all the services are up, they can send out of the end of life notices (probably a few years out yet) on Windows 10 and all those people if they wish run win32 will have to procure a service from Microsoft at some point.

Microsoft is returning to their pre windows 10 days

At this point its not about UWP, its about SERVICES i.e. subscriptions on the OS which will run from the cloud. They would rather you use the Microsoft Store, but any digital store is an alternative as long as you stay on Windows until the services are complete than they try and sell you the services to run win32 from the cloud - if you don't like it... that will be the end of the road for you and Windows.
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